The BSA Joint Technical Meeting takes place on Wednesday 19th June at the Meeting Rooms 7/8, The Stanley Building, 7 Pancras Square, London, N1C 4AG
The BSA Joint Technical Group Forum tackles some of the technical issues that continue to challenge the food industry. From food safety to waste, we will be calling on some of the industry’s key figures to present their positioning and to open discussions as to how we can work together as an industry united by the same technical issues. We are delighted to be hosted by Data Therapy, the company behind the market leading hospitality platform Platopus Retail who have been supplying sandwich and food to go retailers with software solutions and ecommerce systems for 18 years. They will be sharing with us how their data systems link to customer facing platforms. OZO Innovations will be sharing best practice in the hygiene process to cut carbon and reduce cost by replacing chemicals and Raynors Foods will be presenting how they have improved quality and food safety through hydroponic farming. We are also delighted that we will have the Met office showing how they work with the UK’s leading retailers to forecast demand and reduce food wastage. Read the BSA Joint Technical Meeting Agenda.