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The Association’s Management Committee is deliberately structured to be representative of the broad membership with specific places allocated to each sector of the membership.

Each member of the Committee is elected by the members in the section they represent.

The Management Committee elections take place in the Autumn each year, with the new Committee taking over from the AGM in October.

Management Committee 
  • Chair: Camilla Deane (Norseland) – Supplier
  • Dan Silverston, Soho Sandwich Company (Producer)
  • Samantha Brett, Waitrose (Retail)
  • Georg Buhrkohl/Mike Attwood, Subway (Sandwich bar chain)
  • Robert Potts, Greencore (Producer)
  • Simon Parton, Compass (Catering)
  • Neil Wood, Woods (Independent Sandwich Bar)
  • David Winter, Street Eats (Producer)
  • Anthony Minto, Ginsters (Van Sales)
  • Peter Mayley, La Baguetterie (Independent Sandwich Bar)
  • Frank Boltman, Trade (Independent)
  • Ben Newby, Fresh Fayre (Supplier)
  • Martin Beaver, RAP (Supplier)
  • David Ross, Greggs (Baker)
  • Jim Winship
  • Gavin Rothwell