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About GrowUp Farms

GrowUp Farms’ story began 10 years ago when founder Kate Hofman met Tom Webster and they launched GrowUp Farms in a small unit in London, combining new and existing technology to grow leaves that tasted better, lasted longer and reduced the environmental impact of getting healthy food onto people’s plates.

Within a short time, GrowUp Farms was supplying Borough Market and London restaurants with the salad they had grown in a controlled environment in their small London unit.

Fast forward 10 years and £100 million worth of investment, GrowUp Farms is now a sizable vertical farm in Sandwich, Kent, supplying restaurant-quality salad grown 365 days a year in a highly controlled indoor environment using state-of-the-art tech to create the perfect Mediterranean spring day, every day.

The salad leaves are harvested, grown and packed at the vertical farm in Kent – significantly reducing the food miles – are grown without using pesticides and are not chlorine washed unlike other bagged salads; processes that degrade the quality of salad leaves. The salads are also grown using 94% less water than bagged salads produced from a field or greenhouse.

And for this reason, the leaves are tastier, crisper and stay fresher for longer than other ready-to-eat salads.

GrowUp Farms is B Corp certified with a high B Impact Score of 104.7 points, against the pass threshold of 80 points, is the first vertical farm to score an A rating in its first-ever BRCGS audit and is also the first vertical farm to launch bagged salads into major supermarket groups.

GrowUp Farms is keen to work with retail, wholesale and food service partners this year. Any businesses who would like to find out more about GrowUp Farms and its salad range of longer-lasting leaves should email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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