69 Queen Street
Greater Manchester

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About Kings Fine Cooked Meats:

Starting as a Butcher's Stall way back in 1888, it's hard to believe that Kings Fine Cooked Meats are now one of the nation's favourite cooked and sliced meat manufacturers, supplying the finest cooked Pork, Hams, Gammons, Beef and Poultry all around the UK. Specialising in full muscle products, these industry leaders surpass the quality of their competitor's reformed produce, while simultaneously keeping their prices comparable.

Led by a young, yet ambitious team of experts, Kings Fine Cooked Meats' growth has only just begun. Over the next two years, they plan to invest more than £2 million on further developments to their 30, 000 sq ft AA Graded BRCGS Factory, as well as upscaling their property portfolio by adding a 1000 pallet cold store building adjacent to their main property, where all of their products are manufactured.

Above all, Kings Fine Cooked Meats are undeniably known for prioritising food safety, with it being at the core of everything they do.

A strong food safety culture ensures that all staff receive extensive training that shifts their attention to making their highly sought-after products taste up to their usual Kings' standard, while also allowing them to understand how paramount food safety and hygiene is.

Amongst many other industry standards, they take real pride in their well-deserved BRC certification, which has been gained through their team of subject matter experts.

Despite commendable growth over the past 30 years, Kings Fine Cooked Meats remains steeped in tradition. They combine old, tried-and-tested techniques that were developed over 100 years ago with new, state-of-the-art technology to create products that make them one step ahead of their competitors. It's clear to see that the company show a profound intelligence towards the importance of consistency, portion control and product development within the sandwich manufacturing field, making them widely known as an attentive and observant company to work with.

Sandwich from Kings Fine Cooked Meats