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About ProAmpac

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ProAmpac is the market leader in food-to-go packaging. Our simple, clever packaging solutions are used by some of the most iconic global brands, including Pret A Manger, Waitrose, Marks & Spencers, J. Sainsburys, Tesco, Carrefour, Starbucks and British Airways.

With all services offered in-house, we seamlessly and cost effectively take concepts from design to finished product to final destination.

Regular investment also means we’re constantly developing new sustainable and ergonomic features that transform product performance, reduce packaging costs and optimise shelf life. Many of these features are patent-protected and represent some of the most game-changing breakthroughs in fresh food packaging in recent years.

With a range that includes several world-firsts, our tried and tested solutions are continuing to push boundaries and deliver a significant transformation for some of Europe’s most well known retailers, coffee shops and food-to-go outlets.

Our pioneering products include:

  • HandRap™ - a flat-pack design that saves on transportation costs and storage space, whilst offering unbeatable ergonomic functionality for eating on the move
  • Freshpack™ - the ultimate solution for hand-packing freshly made sandwiches including the world’s lightest day-fresh and long-life carton wedges
  • MA Carton Sandwich Wedge - the world’s first hermetically sealed carton food wedge, providing the absolute ultimate in terms of sealing in freshness and protecting from contamination
  • BagRap™ - a lightweight paper and film receptacle specifically designed to run down flow wrapping lines to form a bag that can be filled automatically, rather than a standard block bottom bag, which is filled by hand
  • HotRap™ - an award-winning and unique solution that takes hot food from manufacture, to oven, to display in one easy process
  • Softpack™ - a food packaging solution for a variety of chilled and hot foods, including baguettes, tortillas, wraps, subs, bloomers, panini, pastries and speciality sandwiches
  • MultiRap™ – a versatile solution, which is ideal for any meal at any time of day. With a 7.5” x 7.5” square design, it is suitable for both hot and chilled food items