Unit 2 Haslemere Industrial Estate,
BS11 9TP

Sales Contact: Jason Howell

Phone: 0117 3295020

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About Real Wrap Company

The Real Wrap Company are known for their quality, their innovation, and their exciting range of sandwiches and food-to-go products, all delivered with unmatched levels of customer support. 


The company was born in Bristol, where two life-long friends started selling a healthier option of toasted, filled wraps to the city’s late-night student crowd. Quickly building a strong reputation for quality ingredients in new combinations, they expanded their range to include sandwiches and other food-to-go products, moved to purpose-built factory premises, and were soon selling direct to the universities of the South West and south Wales. 


Despite a break-neck pace of expansion into more universities, schools, hospital, airlines and major events in England and Wales they have never forgotten to focus on quality, innovation and flexibility. Along the way – supported by established industry expertise – they have received STS accreditation and been granted SALSA certification allowing them to confidently move into new sectors and to grow the talented and energetic team of sandwich and food-to-go experts. 


The Real Wrap Company are also known for their distinctive, vibrant packaging and solid promotional support, aimed at giving their customers the tools to drive sales and to highlight new products. 


They are now just over five years old and preparing to move into their third factory premises where they will continue producing a huge range of quality products – including sandwiches, tortilla wraps, hot eats, salads and snack pots. They pride themselves on their ability to respond to both the customer needs and to food trends. They never stop looking at ways to develop new products and to improve on existing ones, either to invigorate their own branded offer or to create bespoke ranges for their customers.