If you supply into those making sandwiches and food-to-go products, then supplier membership can help you to unlock new growth opportunities for your business and support our work in creating a stronger sandwich and food-to-go industry for the good of all our members. 

The cost of supplier membership is £1,650 (plus VAT).

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Why join - key benefits 

Endorsement and Certification
Once you're accepted for membership, you'll be certified as a Recommended BSA Supplier, at which time you'll have the right to use and display the Association logo in your marketing and on packaging, acting as a further endorsement for your business.

Profile - how your business will feature on our websites

Upon joining, we'll ask you for some top line business details and areas of product focus, capabilities and specialism. We'll then add this to our online supplier listings, ensuring your business features in what is a key reference point for the industry at www.sandwich.org.uk

Primary Advice
As a member, you are covered by the BSA's Primary Authority agreement, which means that if you follow the BSA Assured Advice guidelines, it is difficult for enforcement agencies, such as EHOs and trading standards, to challenge you in relation to these.   Through the Association's agreement you can also get authoritative advice on technical issues.

Profile - how your business will feature in Sandwich & Food to go News  

As a member, you'll also be listed in every edition of both Sandwich & Food to go News and Café Life Magazine. And we love to profile our members and help them get the recognition they deserve - when you join, let us know if you'd like us to write a fuller profile feature on you in Sandwich & Food to go News.

Industry Networking

You'll also get the chance to join BSA member meetings and events. We also organise face-to-face meetings from time to time designed around networking and insights.  These are a great way to strengthen your connections across our industry. 

Technical Forum

Your technical team are specialists in their field and need access to the very best thinking. That's why we regularly bring technologists from across our sector together for Technical Forum meetings. We usually run several of these each year, with, typically the subject area determined by what's most important at that particular time.  Guest speakers might be area experts or specialists, or they might be from Government, depending on what is most relevant to the issues of the day. 

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Plus a range of benefits open across our broader membership base

Advice and Guidance
You'll have free access to the BSA Helpline service, which includes free health & safety as well as HR advice.   You will also have access to the Association's Technical Manager for advice.

A voice with Government
As a Stakeholder recognised by Government, we provide a strong voice for members on issues affecting industry, such as labour shortages, packaging waste and obesity targets.  

Keeping you up to date with changes in legislation
All members receive regular online updates covering changes in legislation and other issues that could affect their businesses. You'll have full member access to the resources on our website. 

Magazines to help develop your industry knowledge and awareness
With profiles of innovative sandwich bars, cafés, and other food-to-go specialists, as well as the latest news from across the sector, your membership includes complimentary subscriptions to be Sandwich & Food to Go News and Café Life magazines, each worth £55pa.

As a member you will have free access to our programme of webinars, which include briefings on the sandwich and FTG markets by leading market research organisations.   You can either attend these live or use our on-line library to hear recordings.

These and other benefits are open to ALL our members.

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