Following the recent headlines surrounding the inquest into the death of Natasha Ednan-Laperouse, who passed away due to an allergic reaction after consuming a baguette containing sesame seeds, the British Sandwich & Food to Go Association would like to draw attention to the BSA guidelines on labelling published.

The guidance, which was produced in consultation with Government and local authority bodies, including the Food Standards Agency, includes a list of allergies covered by legislation as well as details of how sandwich bars and other foodservice outlets should display the information. The information normally only available to members is being made publicly available until 31st October 2018 on the British Sandwich & Food to Go Association website. 

We strongly recommend that careful consideration is given to the way we deal with allergens in businesses and take every precaution to ensure that the correct information is prominently and clearly given to consumers.

Our Association is currently considering what additional measures the industry might take to improve communication of allergens in future. In the meantime, we strongly advise members make sure that they are fully compliant with current requirements and that staff are properly briefed to be able to advise customers on allergens if asked.

Access to BSA labelling guidelines

If you have any questions or would like further advice, please do contact us.