We’re delighted that Greggs' David Ross will be presenting at our next BSA members’ breakfast session, taking place in London on March 25.

Here are some of the ways we think businesses across our sector and beyond can learn from the Greggs approach.

Following and adapting to wider consumer trends

Greggs is a great blueprint for this in how it has successfully converted the business from a traditional bakers to a dedicated food-to-go specialist. The sales numbers don’t lie – they’ve consistently been a top performer across our sector for some time now, with its last quarter sales growth of 13.5% supported by hugely impressive like-for-like sales growth in its company stores of 9.2%. 

But it hasn’t stopped there, innovating extensively and frequently across range. And yes, the vegan sausage roll has captured recent headlines, but it’s just one part of a long standing pattern of menu innovation and development as the business has continued to evolve its proposition. Its Balanced Choice range for example previously helped the business reshape perceptions and attract new customers and missions. Crucially Greggs has been able to develop an increasingly broad appeal, yet has remained true to its roots, and if anything become even more loved, at the same time.  

Innovating in formats

Greggs focus on format innovation and location has also been a key feature of its recent developments. Part of this has been its recent future Greggs format at Coatbridge, but again, it’s so much more than this as the business has evolved its proposition to work in a multitude of locations. Roadside locations have certainly been one significant area of development, including motorway services and forecourts, but the broader focus on what were once seen as alternative locations, including travel and business park sites, is one that has stood Greggs’ expansion strategy in good stead over recent years, and still holds further growth potential. 

Continuing to evolve the proposition and the model as the market evolves further

In 2020 we’ve seen Greggs evolve further and create a platform for further growth ahead. New vegan products, including the steak bake and the vegan donut, have been introduced as part of its broader innovation strategy, while it is also expanding rollout of delivery in conjunction with Just Eat. Following launches in Bristol and Birmingham, delivery will then start in Manchester, Leeds, Sheffield and Nottingham in the coming months. 

Getting the most from their BSA membership

Greggs is a long-standing BSA member, helping to shape our programme of activities, and the business that has been instrumental in the set up and development of our members’ breakfast briefing sessions. They’re just one of a number of businesses who take benefit from our wider services and activities, in fighting the cause of our industry, helping sandwich and food-to-go businesses with guidance around compliance and technical support (much of it Assured Advice) and in helping our industry to be stronger and to work better together. If you’re already a member, why not join us on 25 March to hear from fantastic guest speakers, network, and learn more about our focus ahead and how you can benefit from this. And if you want to find out more about membership, get in touch with This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..