Save Money on Overseas Transactions

If you buy or sell products overseas and need the services of a foreign exchange agency, a new agreement with RationalFX could save you money. 

Using the Association’s agreement with RationalFX means you will be offered particularly competitive rates – all you have to do is quote FEAT – when using the service. 

RationalFX is one of the UK’s leading global foreign exchange agencies, dealing in over 200 currencies. They offer a wide range of services, from spot transactions to forward contracts which allow you to fix an exchange rate for up to two years in advance. 

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Rational Foreign Exchange is one of the UK’s leading global foreign exchange and payments companies. 

Founders Rajesh Agrawal, (also Deputy Mayor of London for Business) and Paresh Davdra (Co-Founder and CEO of Xendpay), were keen to discover ways in which individuals and businesses could transfer their money across the world, in the most economical and efficient way. 

Since starting out in 2005, with just a laptop and a total of $3,000 RationalFX has expanded globally, with over 180,000 registered clients entrusting them to manage their global payments, in over 200 different countries. To date they have made international payments in excess of $10 Billion and made global payments in over 50 different currencies. 

They have a strong international presence and an HQ based at London’s Canary Wharf, in the heart of the UK’s financial capital. 

Catering for all sizes of business 

RationalFX caters for the requirements of all size of business, ranging from individuals and sole traders up and SME’s, to large PLCs. In all cases, currency exchange solutions are tailored to the specific requirements of the business ensuring that overseas payments are made in the most cost-effectively way. They will also help with strategies for protection against fluctuations in the market. 

Free Consultive Currency Audit 

To help clients minimize their costs, RationalFX offers them a free currency audit. Based on historic spot and forward trades, this is designed to establish exactly how a business’ transactions can be managed to gain maximum efficiency. 

Competitive Rates 

Being at the forefront of foreign exchange and international currency transfers, RationalFX have access to very competitive exchange rates in over 50 currencies. 

Market updates 

Clients also benefit from daily, weekly market and monthly updates designed to keep them breast of all the news and events within the foreign exchange markets. They also monitor exchange rates and notify clients of any movements in the financial markets that may affect them or their business. 

A wide range of Services 

RationalFX offers a range of contracts to suit specific foreign exchange requirements. These include: 

Spot Transactions: Spot transactions enable businesses to exchange currency instantly at the best rate available in the live market. This facility enables a business or individual to make payments urgently. 

Forward Contracts: These contracts enable businesses or individuals to fix an exchange rate today for a specific date up to two years in advance, thus enabling the business to be protected against fluctuations in currency prices. Ideal for those needing to budget for a currency exchange in the future. 

Limit Orders: This facility enables a business or individual to target a desired exchange rate that is not yet available on the live market. Once set up, RationalFX will then automatically purchase the currency once the agreed rate is reached. 

Stop Loss: Using this facility, businesses can stipulate a specific exchange rate at which they wish to purchase currency. RationalFX will then purchase currency when that trigger point is reached and stop once the rate rises or if it drops below a level set by the client. This can be used to protect a budget exchange rate. 

For full details of the services offered, and for more information about RationalFX, please contact Jack Murphy at: 

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Telephone: 02072208181 


RationalFX is FCA Authorised and operates segregated client accounts with Barclays Bank.