All businesses need to raise funds from time-to-time, whether to buy equipment, property or simply to underwrite business development. Often the High Street banks are not the easiest or best place to do this.

The Oxford Funding Company offers businesses access to over 10 types of funding, most of which are cheaper, more secure, more appropriate and more tax efficient than using working capital or the bank. Moreover, they can often find funds when others cannot

About The Oxford funding Company

The Oxford Funding Company consists of a team of professionals from accounting, banking and finance company backgrounds. Furthermore, most of the team has experience in running small and medium sized businesses, so they understand how these businesses operate as well as their needs.

Oxford Funding can either help to find funding on a one-off basis for a particular project or look at a business’s overall funding requirements and recommend a package that will cover the client’s current and future needs.   In all cases they undertake to endeavour to secure the right funding for the right situation and support their clients through the whole process.

What it costs

The Oxford Funding Company does not charge anything for finding funding for a business.

If successful – and you decide to take up a funding offer – the Company receives commission from the lender to cover its costs.

Furthermore, as an association member we will even send you a £25 goodwill cheque towards your membership!

To find out more, simply complete the enquiry form.